A new table

It's been a terribly busy few weeks, working on commissions.  I've just completed this reclaimed barnwood table, what I call a rustic Stickley-inspired tabourette.  I've never done rustic furniture but I think is a neat look.

Worm holes, stains and rough texture. A big departure for me!

The beautiful elm top

Roughsawn poplar stretchers, as found from the barn, except with linseed oil

Rough texture left by my hewing hatchet

The wood was provided by 2nd Chance Hardwoods in Corunna, MI, which is also where this table will be for sale.  It has an elm top, white oak legs and roughsawn poplar for the stretchers.  The legs were split with my froe and then hewed to approximately 1 1/2" square.  I left the hewing marks rather than smooth the pieces.  I hand-mortised the legs to receive the tenon stretchers, then drawbored them with walnut pegs.   Finish is linseed oil thinned with turpentine and 3 coats of amber paste wax.

I think it turned out quite nicely.  Let me know what you think!



A recently completed project

This Craftsman-inspired hall table was a gift for a very discerning client... my wife!

This table was inspired by the Craftsman aesthetic but is an original design. All work was done by hand with hand saws and hand planes, including a half set of hollows and rounds for the moldings and a Scottish infill for overall smoothing duties.

Woods used are quarter-sawn white oak, air-dried black walnut and white cedar as a secondary wood. Drawers were made with half-blind dovetails. Finish is boiled linseed oil and amber paste wax. Dimensions are 46" wide, 13" deep and 30" tall.

More projects are coming, including pictures of my latest window sash frame.

My best,