Sunday, October 23, 2011

Forged in Wood

I suspect that many of you are fans of Roy Underhill, his television show "The Woodwrights Shop, and his series of books. One of my favorites is The Woodwright's Workbook: Further Explorations in Traditional Woodcraft. The last chapter of that book features the building of the Anderson Forge at Colonial Williamsburg. I found that fascinating, and didn't know that there was a video showing the build.

Now, into the story comes my lovely wife. For my birthday, she bought me
Forged in Wood- Building Anderson's Blacksmith Shop. It's a great video! Shows the construction of the forge, talks about the history of James Anderson, and shows the carpenters of Colonial Williamsburg building the forge, as well as the blacksmiths at work in it.

This particular DVD also includes the 1967 documentary about the coopers trade, as well as a short look at the Hay Cabinet shop and other craftsman using the tools of the 18th Century. This DVD is just about the perfect thing for those interested in traditional construction, Williamsburg, hand tools or St. Roy.