My upcoming Fall project

Last year, I was fortunate enough to participate in the Society of American Period Furniture Makers exhibiting at the Detroit Institute of Art.  We will be having another exhibition in March of 2014, an exhibition for which I need to make a piece.

I've loved this hanging cabinet ever since I first saw it in Antiques and Fine Art magazine earlier this year.  It was for sale by a major antiques dealer. The price was $20,000.

c. Antiquarian Equities, Inc.

Is it a little weird, perhaps unique? Absolutely. I've never seen another just like it.  Some will say the proportions are off, that the facade is way over the top. I agree. All of these things draw me to this piece for some reason. It has character, a je ne sais quoi that calls me to it.  I must make it.

The original is a New England piece, c. 1790. It is about 25.5" tall, 16.5" wide and 11 3/4" deep. Using the magic of Google Sketchup (a program I am still not very skilled with, but that is helpful for things like this) I worked out the dimensions and designed the piece as close as I can without actually paying $20,000 for the original.

I also added a hidden little bonus: a secret document drawer behind one of the side moldings.

Keep an eye on this space for details regarding construction, the sash door, and the secret lock setup on the drawer. Should be a fun piece.

Oh, and if you are wondering what has kept me from my blog for so long... here is your answer...

Its my new 1926 Model T. Sat in a barn since the lat 1940s. She now runs and drives very well after a couple of months of efforts. Still needs quite a bit of cosmetic work, as it doesn't really look any different now than it did in that photo. New tires and painted wheels, but thats it.

See you on down the road.