Fall is falling all around

Here in Eaton County, Michigan, Mother Nature has fired the first salvo in the winter war. It is in the low 50s, completely overcast, and pouring rain. All in all, a terrible fall day outside, but a perfect day to spend some time in the shop.

My wife is heading to Cleveland this weekend for a library event so I'm hoping to get some progress made on my new workbench. I'm laminating together a Roubo style 8' long benchtop from 16" x 3/4" x 4" hard maple drawer sides that I got really cheap. Perhaps I'm a masochist for doing it this way, but I'm about halfway through the process. I've used almost a whole gallon of Titebond to date. It should make a rock-solid bench when I'm done; the first half of the top weights in at 150 pounds!!


  1. They say that the most important tool in the shop is the workbench.It sounds like your bench will last a lifetime.

  2. I sure hope so. I'm thinking about bolting the two halves of the bench together so that I can take it apart if I ever have to move it.