Dimensions of the box

Gary from Toolemera asked me to publish some dimensions of the box.  The carcass is constructed with 3/4" oak, edge glued from narrower pieces.  The box is 32 1/2" tall and 43 1/4" wide when opened.  I've taken some pictures of the drawers and tills so that anyone who wants to copy it can do so.

Left elevation

 Left depth

 Right depth

Right elevation

Right width

Drawer detail, front is 1/2" thick, sides and bottom are 3/16"

Tool holding detail

Tool holding with scale

Tool holding elevation

The left till is 17 1/2" wide.  The swinging gate with hooks is make of 1/2" thick material, 12 1/2" by 12 1/2" square.  

I'm contemplating doing a quick and dirty Sketchup model of the box.  Would any of you like the file, if I do one?



  1. Are you sure it is oak? The color and the lack of any fleck looks more like chestnut to me. Any thoughts? By the way, great looking tools and a very interesting set of pictures.

  2. Dan,

    Thanks for your kind words! I suppose it could be chestnut. Actually, that makes sense because of the lack of ray fleck.

    Thanks for looking!


  3. Zach:

    If you do a Sketchup, I would love one.

    I have been trying to get up the gumption to get going on a tool chest, but have lacked the 'spark' till now!

    Thanks for sharing -

    Dave Beauchesne