Hi, I'm Zach and I have a tool chest problem...


As many of you know, I work in politics and, being an election year, work has kept me away from this site and rust hunting for the summer.  However, I did steal a moment or two in the shop. I will be posting pictures of my newly made portable tool box, based on the one in Tom Fidgen's book.  I will use this box to carry my demo tools when I work at the Charlton Park Carpenters Shop.   I also managed to pick up a new tool chest, once owned by a J.R. Mell.  It is walnut, hand dovetailed and quite beautiful.  I will be doing a write up of that one as well, the week after Election Day.

Pictures of my existing tool storage can be found here and here

My problem now is that I have too many tool storage options, too many tools and no clear plan for utilizing them all.  I suppose that is what makes me a Galoot...

My best,


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