Book Review: Technology's Past

I was going through an old box the other day. I was excited to find my copy of Technology's Past by Dennis Karwatka, which I thought had been stolen.  My grandfather was the technical editor for FDM Magazine and was always challenging me to read more, think clearer and problem-solve better.  To that end, for my birthday in 1998, he gave me this book. 

Technology's Past: America's Industrial Revolution and the People Who Delivered the Goods

The book tells the story of American inventors who identified problems, created solutions and marketed them to the public.  With a wide variety of subjects, from Ben Franklin to Ole Evinrude, Leroy Starrett to Henry Ford, you will find biographical information and details of their problem solving genius.  There are also special sections that discuss the history of Computers, Television, Manned Space Flight and Robotics.  Anyone who is interested in old technology, old patents or inventions will greatly enjoy this book. 

My grandfather passed away in 2001 but reading this book again reminded me of spending time in his shop figuring out how to fix problems, sharpening tools or building projects.  I highly encourage anyone who visits this site to read it, I guarantee you won't be sorry you did.


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