Recently completed commission

My friend Lee Richmond of The Best Things commissioned me to make two beds for his home, a twin in cherry and a queen in walnut.  I've been busily working on these pieces since the end of March and they were finally delivered the end of last week. 

Here are some photos of the twin in cherry. 

 The walnut bed didn't photograph well, perhaps it was too dark.  The only difference in the design, other than the width, is the number of slats in the footboard and headboard. The cherry bed has nine; the walnut thirteen.

After a much-needed brief vacation in Philadelphia and a couple of days in Gettysburg, I'm back home and ready to get to work in the shop again.  A stop at the Philadelphia Art Museum has inspired me for my next personal project, a copy of the 1726 high chest built by joiner John Head.  Should be a doozie!

My best,



  1. Hi Zach,
    Great job on the bed frame. Too bad the Walnut won't photograph well. Lighting is tricky if your trying to show the grain.
    Dave N.
    aka Old Sneelock

  2. Dave,

    Thanks for the kind comments. My shop is much cleaner now, since this project is completed. You can actually walk around in there now!

    Take care,


  3. very nice, dowels/slat solution simple & elegant

  4. Trevor,

    Thanks for your compliments. It was a fun piece. The two beds took me 145 hours to complete, from rough board to finished project. This does not include the design time that occurred in late March. The actual construction work took place in April.