Progress on the chest over drawers and a few new old tools

I've been busily working on my pine chest over drawers.  I've made quite a bit of progress since deciding to build this project. I've decided to go with a red-brown milk paint finish. I also found time to visit one of my favorite antique stores and bought a couple of things.

The case, before adding the face beading, base and lid

Case back, showing shiplap backboards
Case beading molding stock, being jointed with my Mathieson try plane
Pile of shavings, plus beaded molding, ready to be ripped off

 I managed to score a few nice, fairly uncommon saws. I bought a Harvey Peace Perfection  26"crosscut saw, and a Wheeler Madden and Clemson 22" panel saw.  Both need some cleanup, but are in very good overall condition.  Check out that wheat carving on the Peace applewood handle. Also scored a very nice pair of Davidson dividers, which will be put to good use here in the shop.

Harvey Peace Perfection saw and a Wheeler Madden and Clemson panel saw
A very nice pair of Davidson dividers


  1. Nice project Zach. I have the same case waiting for me to get back to it (and build the drawers). I believe I got the plans from the same book.

  2. Joe,

    Thanks for the kind words. Its been a fun project, I haven't made a case piece in a while. Best of luck with yours! What style hinge are you going to go with for the chest top? I used a gimmal hinge and it looks quite authentic.


  3. I had to look up 'gimmal hinge', I know them as snipebill. Yes those would be pretty authentic looking, my plan is for some unequal strap hinges though. Well, when I get back to that project.