Bench dogs are helpful...

But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get this bench cat to perform any useful workholding task...

This little guy showed up at my house the other day.  Very young, very skinny, no fleas thankfully. Asked the neighbors and nobody claimed him.  I'd keep him but my cat Charlie won't have any of that.

Too bad, this little guy loves hanging out in my shop.  Its unheated, or I'd just let him live in there.  Oh well, somebody will take him and give him a good home. I hope they like being followed around and being distracted by the loudest purring cat in the history of the world.



  1. What a fun cat! Hopefully he will find a nice new home ...

    1. I think I found him a home! So that's good. I'll be sad to see him go, but he needs a better home than I can give him.

  2. Nice,keep us posted!