Another wall-hung box for sale

Sorry to bombard this space with wall hung boxes, but I have another one that I need to rehome.

I bought this one at the Utica Antique Show back in 2010. Unfortunately, it looks like a fair number of the original tools were lost before I found her. There were no chisels in the box and only one small Henry Disston and Sons backsaw with a round handle. The metal planes are all in really great shape, with only very minor surface rust on the castings. They include a Stanley 5 1/2C, a Ohio Tool No 06 corrugated fore plane, a Stanley 10 rabbet bench plane and a Tower and Lyon 9" smoothing plane. The wooden horned planes do have most of the wedges and irons, they are stored in the lower right side drawer. There is a nice 9" I and IJ White draw knife. In addition, there is a carriage makers router draw knife. Lots of miscellaneous small tools in the drawers.

The Ohio metal planes are outstanding workers, as they have nice thick blades. The Stanley 10 isn't broken and should be worth $150 on its own. And the Tower and Lyon smooth is pretty rare. I think the whole lot, box and all, should be worth $750. I'll take best offer, but again this is pick-up only. Call at 517-231-3374 or email me at

Here are the pics I took back in 2010.

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