The first order of business... a clean shop

My hiatus from woodworking was also a hiatus from maintaining my shop. It accumulated scraps of wood and bits of metal from car restoration and home repair projects, cobwebs, and a few mice. I could see templates, scraps, and quickie shop drawings I made while working on my book. My tools were properly stored, of course, so there is no rust or damage to deal with but, before I can do any real woodworking, the shop needs a thorough cleaning.

This is an impossible space for me to work in. Unlike many of my fellow galoots, I require a spotless, absolutely clear bench and I always put my tools away properly before calling it a day. The idea of working in a shop this cluttered makes my skin crawl.

I spent about two hours moving piles of junk, tossing scraps, sweeping, and organizing. I need another few hours or so to get the wood pile in order and sort out the storage loft, but I'm happy with my progress for the day. I'm likely going to have a bunch of unused tools to get rid of, so watch this space if you're in the market.

My next shop projects will be some new bench hooks (gave my previous one away), and a pair of doors for the hanging cupboard I salvaged from my last house (far in the corner).

Once I get the outside shop done I need to tackle my auxiliary basement shop, where I finish my new pieces and occasionally take on repair / refinishing projects for myself and others. The 18th century English mahogany kneehole desk has been sitting down there for nearly three years... I really should do something with it once of these days.

Until next time,


  1. I understand completely and have allowed my work area to get completely out of control. I too have been known to start a day cleaning in order to begin work. I applaud your efforts and standards.

    1. Thanks! The funny thing is that my desks are always totally trashed and it never bothers me but my woodshop has to be clean for me to function.

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