Tool wall

Well, are you bored with reading posts about my shop renovation project yet? I'm starting to tire of the project myself. I'm aching to get back to some real woodworking but I have a few more things to take care of first.

The tool racks are largely done, just need a few more in a few spots and I need to figure out auger bit storage. They currently live in tool rolls on one of the new shelves but this may change. I'm leaning towards a few bit blocks stashed on the shelf below the saws.

It should be warm enough to finish painting everything in the next two weeks. Then I can lay the new decking for the attic floor and get my lumber storage organized up there.

I can't believe the number of tools that I own that I simply forgot about. I need to have a woodworker's yard sale...


  1. Zach, your wall of tools looks great! One of these days I hope to get one too.
    I'm enjoying your book. It's very, very helpful.

  2. I have to look closely at your saw storage. I need to come up with something. I am selling off a lot of tools. Trying to downsize. Selling off things I don't use or duplicates, all to finance a grammercy dovetial and sash saw.I'll check out the new book. Still need to make a project from your book but regardles the book has helped me, especially in stock prep

  3. You have a very cute working space. I really enjoyed it. I wish you success in your next work.

  4. I really like your shop improvements; we recently moved and I had to establish a shop in the basement. I used your improvements as inspiration an am extremely pleased. Thank you