New Shop Space Build

 I've been working in my 12x16 timber frame shop for the last five or six years. I love it but a little extra has always been high on my list. I finally decided to do something about it and framed up this 8x12 shed roof addition over the weekend.

Originally it was going to be just a porch but I decided to go whole hog and frame it in. This portion of the shop will be insulated and heated so I can comfortably work year round. Also high on the list is one central storage location for my entire library of woodworking and furniture books, which will make my wife very happy. 

I'm very much looking forward to finishing this space off and moving in. I will probably still build a porch on the South side (aka the side with OSB sheathing as siding since it was supposed to be a temporary fix... five years ago).

Also, firewood stacking continues, one of my favorite house chores (yes, really).

Till next,



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