Thursday, October 29, 2009

New mini tools from Lee Valley


I just wanted to share a heads-up that I just received from the Sawmill Creek forum. Lee Valley Tools has just introduced a mini shoulder plane and pocket market gauge. You can see them here: Lee Valley store.

I've placed my order and will have pics and a review when they come in. At $39.00 for the pair, how can you go wrong? The marking gauge looks especially useful, in that you can set and use two different measurements at the same time.

I'll have an update when they arrive at my door.



  1. Galoot gift is almost done, just waiting for a few more item before I ship.

  2. I think I will pick the set up too. I just checked and the price was $49.00, but that still seems like a great deal. Thanks for the post Zach, or I wouldn't have found out about it.

    Are your links monitized, if they are I will be sure to come back and make sure that I click on them before I order.

  3. My in-text links aren't monetized, only the ads on the sides. I try to keep the site as clean as possible so as to not offend anyone. I hate pages that are clogged with ads as much as the next guy!

    Thanks for the nice comments!