18th Century Plow?

I won this plow on eBay a week ago. It arrived today. Check out the pics and tell me what you think.

This plane has several characteristics that I would expect to find on 18th century Pennsylvania planes. The wedge finial matches a Pennsylvania molder that I have. The zig-zag border with the initials is also a common feature of Pennsylvania planes. Yet another point is that the D. Fish is branded into the side. According to Tools: Working Wood in Eighteenth Century America, this was a common practice for Southeastern Pennsylvania woodworkers.

So, does anyone have any information about the ZW mark? Do any of you have a D Fish plane?


  1. Zach, looks interesting. Did you try it out yet? The blade in good shape? Hope you and the family have a nice Thanksgiving

  2. Rick,

    I don't plan on using this one. It's in pretty rough shape and its pretty old. It would need a lot of repair to be useable and I don't have the stomach to do it. So this one will sit in my office, along with my few other 18th century tools.

    My best to you and yours this Thanksgiving.



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