A Blast from the Past: Tool Hunting over the 4th of July

Fellow Creekers,

I took the opportunity this Independence Day to go on a short road trip to rust hunt in areas unknown. Destination: Allen, MI. Apparently, the antique stores here are legendary for good deals but I had never been there rust-hunting. I scored numerous old tools. I purchased 8 good hollows and rounds, most of which I got for $4 each, some are matched pairs. I never seem to be able to find good user molding planes, so I was thrilled with these finds. In another mall. I purchased a low-angle wooden plane, what I believe is called a box plane, in great user shape. It has been over-cleaned and looks like brand new wood, but it should be a great user once I get it sharpened.

At the next stop, my first purchase was a complete leg vise with metal screw in good shape.

In the same mall, I was able to purchase a large, 2 1/2" diameter, Ohio Tool wooden vise screw and nut in extremely good shape, with only a few chips in the threads. These will go perfectly in the new bench that I'm planning to build.

The last stop of the day yielded a very heavy cast iron miter box with large backsaw which I desperately needed.

The Galoot Central link: http://galootcentral.com/index.php?o...ails&album=388

I also purchased a large cabinetmaker's tool chest, but I wasn't able to fit that in my car. I'm returning tomorrow with the truck and hopefully some more tools if I hit the malls I missed. For the whole shebang, including the tool box, I paid $110. I highly encourage any old tool fan who happens to be in Southern Michigan to make the trip to Allen. In addition to the large malls, there are numerous smaller stores that I didn't have the chance to visit today. All of these stores are on US 12, known as Chicago Road because that was the preferred route from Detroit to Chicago.

Happy hunting.

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