My Carriage Makers Tool Box

I purchased a carriage makers tool box earlier this year at an antique mall. Pictures are attached. For everything you see, I paid the princely sum of $200. A partial inventory follows:

- 9 buck brothers chisels and gouges - sharp and nicely polished
- Stanley 71 1/2 router plane - like new
- Stanley 60 1/2 block plane - like new
- Stanley 5 jack, good shape
- Stanley 78 rabbet plane - like new (still has the sticker on the handle)
- Stanley 4 (strangely, it is very rusty)
- unmarked small bull nose plane
- 3 unmarked brass spokeshaves - flat, convex, and scraper
- wood scraper spokeshave
- numerous ball peen hammers
- 2 braces
- 2 egg beater drills
- the largest draw knife I've ever seen, stamped 1837, still sharp enough to use
- Large, medium, and small Millers Falls ratcheting screw driver (like the Yankee (like new)
- Disston 22" panel saw - still very sharp
- Warranted Superior rip saw - still sharp
- Stanley No. 94 boxwood and brass rule - excellent condition, joints a little loose
- Two vintage pin up girl shots (oh my gosh, they are showing their ankles, how risque!)

Left side of the box

The Whole She-bang, including the Girly pictures!

There is so much in this box that it is going to take me quite some time to inventory it all. Once done, I will make sure to post it to the Creek. Apparently the original owner worked at Clark - Carter automobiles as a carriage maker. The company only existed for two years, 1911 and 1912. They entered a car in the 1912 Indy 500, but soon folded due to lack of money. The box itself has a Cutting Autos tag, so I'm assuming it was company property that the original owner took with him when the company folded up.

Enjoy! Anybody have any idea how rare the Stanley 94 rule is? I've never seen one before buying this one.

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