Some more pics of the box

Here are some more pictures that were taken of my carriage makers tool box. These shots show more detail on the chisel till, as well as how the braces and egg beaters and other woodworking tools are stored. It's a really neat system. The braces hang from an arm that is mounted inside the box on hinges, but there is a spring on that arm to keep it tight against the right side of the box. I'm having a hard time figuring out the point, but it is neat nevertheless.

The spring loaded arm also does a really good job of whacking you upside the head if it slips out of your hand while taking out a brace. After I regained consciousness, I was able to hoist the whole shooting match up with block and tackle (it weighs about 400 pounds) and mount it to the shop wall.

The outside of the box, showing the skeleton key lock that still turns easily!

Chisel till, auger bits, saw till, and router plane

Egg beaters, braces, ball peen hammers, and the infamous spring loaded brace arm of death.

If you have any ideas about the swinging brace storage arm or if you would like to see any specific item / storage area in the box, use the comment feature below this post. Thanks!

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