Barn Raising, 130hp at a time.

The bents are up! The bents are up!

I love the smell of old timbers in the early evening. Note my shave horse in the lower left

Go Go Gadget International. My father-in-law should win the Gold in the Tractor Olympics.
We used my father in law's 130hp International with bulldozer blade to raise the bents. I figured we'd need about 10 people to raise it by hand, or 3 and a tractor.  Well, guess what, a tractor won't sue you if a beam falls on it, so we went with the tractor.  No injuries were reported, no accidents to speak of.  An excellent day.

Of course, I would have loved to have a traditional barn raising, bringing neighbors and friends over for a great big feast.  But we don't have a new stove yet, and a couple of gallons of diesel is a far more affordable meal for the lifting crew....
My ugly mug on the frame. Thanks April!

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  1. That's a very interesting project. Your going to have an awesome shop.