Great book on barns and timber framing

While reading up on barn raising project, I came across a fascinating book called Silent Spaces.  This book details a number of incredibly beautiful timber frame aisle barns from all over the world.  In addition to many detailed photographs, the writing is superbly interesting.  If you have any interest at all in timber framing, barns or the history of architecture (this book goes back to the Romans!), find this book.  It is out of print, but Amazon has a few used copies here (I bought mine from Amazon), and other sellers will have it as well.

Buy this book. Like me, you will not be disappointed. I like it so much that it has inspired my next run of custom furniture.  I do a lot of speculative work, hoping someone will like it enough to buy it, and I've got a few great ideas kicking around because of this book, including one for an upcoming well-known furniture show in the Boston area....

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  1. I have that book and I have to concur it is a great resource.