Taunton Chest Part 2

Here is what I accomplished last night. This is as far as I will go before taking it down the LN show this weekend. I laid out the striping, berries and bird freehand with a soft pencil, working from the picture of the original. I threw in a couple of personalized areas so it's not exact, but it is very darn close and to the casual eye it is dead on. There are a couple of lines I'm not 100% happy with yet, so I will redo those before painting.

Overall... ignore the tape and the quill!
The striping will be done in white, leaves in green. The bird is blue, gold and red. Some of the berries will be red, others will be blue. The little dots around the escutcheons will be gold, as will the diamonds on the bottom drawer.

Need to rework the line, but love the initials!

Over all the striping and milk paint will be a dark shellac finish. This will take the brightness of the fresh striping down as well as make the box appear browner / aged but with the nice red undertone. Should be a stunner when completed!

Need to smooth the base of the lowest heart  

Speaking of the Lie-Nielsen tool show, I'll be demonstrating how to make sash by hand both days. I'm scheduled for 5pm on Friday afternoon and 12pm on Saturday. Come on down to Cincinnati and learn how to do a sash door for your next project without firing up a screaming demon!

I like the bird! Looks like the Liverpool FC Liver Bird!


  1. Zach,

    That is really impressive. You certainly are multi-talented. I wish I could see your demonstration of making sash. It would be great if you could have someone record it and post it online. Alternatively, you could write a post about it with pictures here.

  2. Thanks Andy! I wrote up a quick "how to" on the use of the sash fillister back in November 2012. That gives a good basic understand of the parts. I'm working on a more in-depth sash how-to. I don't think the presentation will be video taped... which is good! I hate seeing myself on video!