Another Taunton Chest... sort of.

I've been busy painting (and re-painting) various sections of the vining of my Taunton Chest.  It's been slow going but I think it's going to look really good when I'm done.  No pics in progress, but will have some soon.

Now, on to the next project. I was going to start on this small hanging cabinet next, but I've yet to hear if the magazine has accepted my article proposal on it.  Having to stop and take magazine quality photos changes my work patterns, so I won't begin this one until I know for sure if they want it or not.

I'm itching to build this little baby.

So, despite having a chicken coop to rebuild, a shop addition to plan, various home maintenance projects and a MWTCA meet to run, I decided this weekend that I needed to build something else.  So, I took the story sticks for my Taunton chest and built another case of the same form.  Five drawers, increasing in height as you go down the piece. A really quick job in white pine.

I had intended to paint this one brown, no vining, just a less expensive version to sell to a customer.  But, I saw this picture and changed my focus just a bit...

Should be great fun!

This piece is roughly the same construction as the piece that is currently on my bench.  However, this one is veneered in walnut with some stringing, bracket feet and cock-beading around the drawers.  A nice change of pace from the normal Taunton style.

I will have to pick up some walnut veneer, but I think this will be a beautiful style to copy. It isn't quite William and Mary, it isn't quite Queen Anne. It's a nice transitional piece, even if it is English! I really like the hardware on this one, but I already have the H-24 pulls from Horton Brasses, so that is what will be used. 

Or maybe I should just finish the chest as I intended it and build another with the intent to veneer it.  That might be a better idea. I can sell the painted version to fund the hardware purchase for the veneered version. 

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