SOLD - Wall hung tool chest for sale - SOLD

I bought this a couple of months ago, simply because I couldn't stand to have it left in an antique mall cold and alone... or see it become some "decorative" piece. But, I really can't justify hanging on to it any more. 

Solid mahogany, absolutely beautiful. Most of the tool hanging provisions were gone when I picked it up so it is a completely blank slate on which to engineer your tool solution.  Stunning fretwork swinging arm on which to hang measuring tools, fret saw, etc. And a really cool saw till built into the mirrored door. 

Someone took their time with this thing. Top quality hardware. My guess is that it is late 19th century, perhaps early 20th century.  This box can and should be a real stunner. First $500 OBO takes it. Pick up only. Email me or call me at 517-231-3374 to discuss.

Update: this box has sold. I'm seriously contemplating listing one other similar box. It isn't as decorative but comes with a large number of tools. 


  1. Looks like this maker was a HO Studley apprentice. I wonder what type of woodworker he was? Piano maker? Cabinetmaker? Pattern Maker?

  2. Ralph, its hard to say since the tool racks are pretty much gone with the exception of the saw till. Whoever he was, he was a skilled guy and I was honored to own this box.

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