More porch progress

As detail in my last post, I have been working on the porches on my 1900-built farmhouse. Significant progress was made over the weekend despite receiving more than two inches of rain in less than 30 minutes. A true downpour, as shown by the video below:

The side porch floor was primed, at which point I painted the ceilings in a shade of the classic "haint blue". I chose Sherwin-Williams SW 0063 for those who are interested in the color code. This is just after the first coat while still in the process of painting around the headers and window trim. 

I also painted the front porch ceiling as well. Next up is the top coat on the side and front porch floors and the restoration of the porch door you can see in the photo below. It's been nailed shut for decades and I can't wait to have in functional again. I also need to build a railing for the porch. It isn't required by code but I want the two porches to match.
Abigail approves of this suggestion, as you can see judging by her expression after I told her the plan.  

I promise to get back to actual woodworking on the blog soon, including some exciting news about Mortise & Tenon Magazine (though I should probably let Joshua talk about that).


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  1. Very nice. I just had a porch added to my house and did a blue ceiling. We chose PPG's Twinkle color which is bluer than what you chose. I did a meranti floor with mahogany stain and it shows a lot of dust. The pollen is everywhere now and the porch is showing footprints like crazy.

    Looking forward to a gin and tonic out front. Wishing you the same.