New Shop Space Build part 2

 I've made pretty good progress on my shop addition. It's a simple shed roof frame, nothing fancy, but will add another 50% in floor space and, perhaps more importantly, a ton of wall space for storage. My hope is to have my entire woodworking library stored in this space, along with a smaller bench and perhaps a permanently installed pole lathe. How it will be used isn't fully planned yet but, as you can see, the space itself is nearly finished.

I still need to enclose the rafter tails.

A normal entry door (with screen door!) which will become my new main entrance

3/4" OSB subfloor with joists on 16" centers. Very sturdy.

A nice view to the East

I can't wait to finish this up. I'm as yet undecided on how to finish the inside walls. This entire space will be insulated but I really like the bare wood look, so I might put up some honey pine paneling or the like. What would you do?



  1. Looking good!

    I would install pine boards and use a very traditional finish used here in Denmark:

    Nail and set the boards, install any trim.
    Give it a wash with either lime dissolved in water (a couple of large handfuls in a bucket, let stand overnight, use the clear water at the top to wash, not the soaked lime at the bottom). Once dried, brush with a towel wringed in cold, clear water to remove surplus lime powder. This ensures the boards won't yellow and has a slight greying/whitening effect. It also hardens the boards. You can also just use lye instead of lime. It doesn't brighten as well but works fine and is very simple to apply.

    Then wash with a mixture of soap flakes dissolved in cold water (or dissolved in hot water (easier) and cooled overnight. Don't use these overly heavy mixes. They become greasy and attract dirt. One or two handfuls per bucket is fine (the water should feel lovely 'rich' once the flakes are dissolved))

    Wash with a towel, repeat once or twice. Done.

    The pine 'sets' and hardens within a year or two. The soap sets and hardens within a few days.

    Benefits: very quick (prepare mixes the night before, a few washes with some hours of dry time (typically 1-1 1/2 hour between washes) Done in a day)
    Non-smelly (pine and soap), very easy and almost impossible to get wrong, completely non-toxic and very cheap.

    Not as strong as s proper film finish but plenty strong for walls. It's still often used for both floors and furniture here. If you get dings, scratches or dirt, the fix is to wash them again.

    These lightly brightened but dull walls diffuse light wonderfully, which I really like in a workshop or studio. Especially if you appreciate a softer and more nature-like feel.

    Btw, I have learned much from your writings over the years, so thank you.

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