Friday, December 20, 2013

Help me pick an inlay

I am going to inlay a proper New England mariner's compass into the facade of my gooseneck. Yes, I know the original doesn't have one, but I think it would really add something to the piece. So, the question is: which style of compass should I choose? I sketched two options and took photos.

Let me know which you prefer by leaving a comment. For the record, I lean toward the full circle compass but am open to the half as well.




  1. Go for the full compass. The half makes me want to see a shell carving.


    1. Thanks for weighing in Mike. I'm still playing with the designs and will post the final one I go with.

  2. Why is this called a mariner's compass?
    It doesn't correspond to the usual 4+4+8 division.

    1. They are stylized compasses, not literal copies of the face of a compass. These patterns were copied directly from a couple of different pieces of 18th century Boston furniture.

    2. I saw one on the Pegs and 'Tails blog a while ago.
      Any other links?

      Anyway, to answer your question, the full compass looks better.
      Maybe if the half one had more slender rays...

  3. Full compass vote here as well. I'd love to get an insight into how you do the inlay itself. I hope it will be part of your future blog posts. I just completed my first project of this type after following Paul Sellers's instruction for a Christmas star. It was quite fun and really made me hungry for more.