Ambidextrous woodworkers?

Gentle readers,

After a crazy bout of work-related travel and the Holidays, I'm back to my shop and the web.  I have a question for you all.  I'm an ambidextrous woodworker, meaning that I saw left handed but use planes right handed.  I wondered if there were any others like me.  If so, how do you deal with work holding? Do you set your bench up to accommodate your plane hand? Do you have more than one vise? I have only a leg vise on the left leg on my Roubo.  I was thinking about trying the vise on the right leg, just to see what it is like. 


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  1. I would say I'm ambedixtrous, I saw left, plane left (joinery plane right for obvious reasons), H&R right, chisel either, depending on what makes the work easier. I use a lot of planing stops, and just orient the work so that my tote hand is bench-side. I don't think it matters much which side the front vise is one (I also make great use of a Moxon) I'm excited to build a new bench where the shoulder vise will go on the left.